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Due to the high variation of repair time, we suggest that you plan on leaving you wheel while we fix it. If you choose you can make an appointment to have your wheel straightened while you wait.  Plan on at least an hour and possibly up to three.

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Bends happen from pot holes, curbs, and road debris.  Fix your OEM wheels.  They are much higher quality than the aftermarket products offered in most all cases.

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Aluminum can be polished to almost the luster of Chrome.  It is done partially manually using specialized tools.

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Welding an aluminum wheel is a very specialized process.  ReStock has successfully welded tens of thousands of wheels.

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CNC Machining

CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled.  ReStock is capable of CNC lathe machining of wheels up to 26”.

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Repairing a wheel is a process where coatings are not removed, and a “spot” repair is made.  Repairs are done on many used car lots by mobile operations.

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Custom Finishes

ReStock has used Candy colors, specialized masking and polishing. If you have a “special” or “custom” look you want, we can probably make it happen.

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We Fix Your Stuff

Why buy new when you can fix your wheel for less.

We fix your wheels, which were custom engineered for your vehicle.